Storytelling is my passion

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a citizen of the world

I’m what you might call a healthy blend of an introvert and extrovert. Things happen to me and I make things happen too. Above everything else, I am a firm believer in an inherent meaning and beauty in the human condition. I’m a lover of love, meaning, and light. 

My personal philosophy is a personalized revision of the latin phrase per aspera ad astra – through adversity, personal challenges and daily triumphs to the stars.

Unique Value Proposition

I am an afro-centric ghostwriter who works closely with people who are finally willing to share their story. Deeply affecting, life-changing events will happen to you, and you don’t have to worry if you can write the words yourself. 

TMG –The Memoir Ghostwriter offers a structured process to turn your story into a compelling book.

Work Experience

Over six years of experience as a Top-Rated freelance biography and memoir ghostwriter on professional platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn. 

Skilled with qualifications in creative writing, content creation, book marketing and storyline/background research and development

The Memoir Crafting Process