The African Memoirs project

Documenting and Reporting African Memories

Climate & Environmental Justice

Sub-Saharan Africa is at the frontline of the climate crisis, disproportionately affected by earth’s warming. Still, climate vulnerable African countries cannot access climate justice and funding to achieve resilience. The AMP spotlights research, opinion pieces, and firsthand accounts of what’s happening on the frontline of humanity’s greatest threat.

Social Welfare & Women

The COVID-19 pandemic placed the progress of sustainable development of many African states in jeopardy. Now, more than ever, extreme poverty and economic downturn threatens the fabric of society. The AMP spotlights approaches and initiatives that emphasize women-led and private sector endeavors in Africa to boost socio-economic development and dignified living for Africans post-COVID-19. 

Tourism & Nature Conservation

As we are increasingly connected globally, leisure and business travel is on the rise, with African countries attracting significant numbers to witness its stunning natural heritage. The AMP believes that as African countries build on renewed tourism interests, conservation and preservation of natural heritage and ecosystems on the continent must be worked into the fabric of future tourism development efforts.

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